Enables the long range shooter to...

1. Estimate range to target using MIL DOT or MOA ranging techniques up to 1000 yards

2. Correct for bullet drop in MIL DOT or MOA adjustments

3. Estimate wind correction for 6 common rifle calibers

4. Adjust for wind quartering and velocity

5. Convert MIL to MOA or MIL to MOA - quickly

6. Adjust bullet drop induced by angle

7. Ref 36" dia target from 100 to 1000 yards for quick ranging

8.  MIL and MOA increments at 100 yards for quick zero

9. Equations to (1) range targets, (2) correct for elevation or windage, (3) estimate target height

***  Range Guide proudly developed, manufactured, owned, and operated in the United States of America by military veterans ***